Autumn 2023

Water As Commons: Extending the Age, Memory and Continuity of Water in La VenogeManson Fung

Commoning in Venoge Watershed: Reimagining the dynamics between nature and humans, built and unbuilt, the individual and the collective through the gaze of co-existence.

The project addresses climate-induced pressures on the socio-ecological water system through water rights to dynamically reshape the territory’s spatial, social, ecological, and political dimensions. The Venoge River is often perceived as a background object within its territory. Instead, we pivot our gaze to view water as the subject and as a dynamic catalyst for activating and reshaping common spaces. By considering it a common space and a stage for a new way of living, with a firm grounding in social collective responsibility, the river’s spatial structure is redesigned from one where ownership rights are conflicted to one where multiple stakeholders and their interests are shared.