Spring 2023

Foodscapes of Cooperation: An Agroecological Community Project for Lake ZurichRobert Bourke, Michel Zalis, and Diana Strässle

As a place that has historical relations between landscape, food production and social organisation, Wädenswil is witnessing a growing movement that connects research institutions, producers and consumers through a shared value network. In addition, there is a growing grass roots movement of organic farmers who are trying to strengthen the existing local food network, and in one important case looked at in this study, in collaboration with Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

Through engaging with local actors, we investigate these food-producing networks and identify ways to expand and strengthen them. Through our research, interviews and territorial analysis of Wädenswil, we propose a new system of cooperation, based on knowledge-sharing and land exchange. We also look at ways to transition from the current, highly static forms of landscape protection to a more dynamic policy approach that encourages cooperation between farmers and local communities.