Spring 2023
Fridays 11:45-13:30

Writing Urban Landscapes in the Anthropocene
Dr. Nitin Bathla

Closely connected to selected theoretical positions discussed in the Urban Theory Seminar, this course will support students in writing a 3000-word essay, of publication quality, as a means of presenting their research and framing their design project. Through step-by-step critical writing exercises, discussions and peer-reviewing, essays will be produced and published with the projects in the MAS online platform at the end of the academic year.


To offer a pedagogical framework within which students learn to discuss their urban and territorial design work in relation to the theoretical writings studied in the accompanying Urban Theory Seminar. The resulting texts should articulate the project’s broader theoretical, disciplinary, geographic, and sociocultural context as well as the specific design contribution.

Students gain practical experience in writing, critical reflection and peer-reviewing.

  1. Introduction : Writing in the Anthropocene Nitin Bathla

  2. Botonical City: Sandra Jasper

  3. Histories of Settlement Workshop: Hollyamber Kennedy & Anooradha Siddiqi

  4. Landscapes in deep time : Nuclear Waste and the Swiss Alps Rony Emmenegger

  5. Landscapes of the empire: Hollyamber Kennedy

  6. Territories of Swiss Colonialism: Denise Bertschi

  7. A guided walk through the multispecies landscape of Zurich: Flurina Gardin

  8. Geological Filmmaking : Laura Coppens

  9. Landscapes of fossil capitalism: Giulia Scotto

  10. LUS Doctoral Crits