The exhibitions will discuss the theory of Planetary Urbanisation and offer insights resulting from long-standing collaborative research conducted at the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich by the Chair of Sociology of Prof. Christian Schmid and the Chair of Architecture and Territorial Planning of Milica Topalović.

The exhibition captured results through cartographic maps, illustrations, photographs and film and is organised in two thematic strands. Planetary Urbanisation focuses on sixteen metropolises and peripheral regions. It offers new concepts and cartographies of urbanisation processes, traces struggle against their devastating effects, and proposes agendas for collective action. Agrifutures Zürich presents approaches to sustainable food production, alternative to ongoing agricultural intensification. Agroecological design visions describe Zurich’s future food region based on ecological farming, cooperativism, and commoning.

Multiple events related to the exhibition, including a colloquium, guided tours through the show, and the launch of two book publications on the topic, open the research to public discussion.